Circadian Lighting

The Equilux system incorporates the following key features in order to best replicate outdoor environmental light:

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More blue in the light:


Natural daylight has a high amount of blue, short wavelength light. Blue light targets a photoreceptor in the eye that stimulates the circadian control centre in the brain. Blue‐enriched light boosts activity and alertness levels and promotes feelings of well‐being.

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Regular and coordinated with the seasons: 


Dawn and dusk should occur at regular times that gradually change to reflect the seasons, permitting anticipation of daily exercise and feeding times. This stabilises and strengthens a horse’s 24‐h rhythms.

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Undisturbed at night:


Dim red light or darkness is required for the nightly rise in melatonin levels that regulates internal timing. White light at night disturbs melatonin production and reduces rest, immune function and daytime performance capacity. Ideal lighting facilitates rest and regeneration at night while permitting visibility for management routines.