Energy Efficiency

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The Equilux Performance Lighting system uses the latest LED technology and functions at a fraction of the cost of traditional stable lighting. Each light fixture contains a real time self‐adjusting light sensor that detects the intensity of natural light in the stable provided by doors and windows. As natural light levels change throughout the day, the system will continuously adjust up and down to maintain the correct level of biologically effective light in the stable, reducing energy requirements.

Electricity is measured in units called kilowatt hours (kWh). The average energy consumed by the Equilux system when run continuously for a 24 hour period is 500 W or 0.5kWh, which is significantly less than the cost of traditional stable lighting.

Average 24‐h usage costs (kWh)

  • Equilux: 0.5
  • Incandescent bulb: 1.75
  • Double fluorescent bulbs: 2.75

*Energy rates vary by country