The Equilux Performance Lighting system is a fully automated intelligent lighting system specifically designed to maximise health, growth and performance in horses. Developed by Mr Sam Murphy, this revolutionary system harnesses all the benefits of natural daylight for the stabled horse.

The lengthening days of spring have long been associated with increased fertility, growth and performance. In nature, this prepares an animal for breeding, foaling and protection of the herd.

• Alertness & mood are enhanced

• Muscle metabolism is improved

• Feed is better utilised for growth & development

By understanding the qualities of natural daylight, we can mimic these positive effects on physiology using a custom designed ‘smart lighting’ system for horses. The Equilux system provides the horse with biologically effective light, incorporating the correct spectral intensities of light that have been validated by university research studies for maximum daytime activity and night time rest.



Light... Controls The Horse’s Internal Clock

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Horses need light for more than just vision. It synchronises their ‘internal clock’ – a complex control system that coordinates all bodily functions to a 24-hour (circadian) or 365-day (circannual) rhythm. Without biologically effective lighting that mimics daylight, a horse’s internal clock can become depressed or out of synch leading to impaired growth and performance.

Modern management of the competition horse requires that they spend a large proportion of the 24-h day indoors and unexposed to optimal daily light intensities or to a natural light/dark cycle. Benefits of optimal and regularly timed lighting for both physical and mental health are now clearly recognised and implemented for humans and for growth and production in sheep, chickens and cows.