The Equilux System

The Equilux Performance Lighting system has been specifically designed to replicate nature within a stable or barn and is tailored to meet the practical and commercial needs of horse trainers and breeders. It comprises the following key features:


Unlike incandescent bulbs and fluorescent tube lighting, the Equilux system uses light that is enriched in the blue spectrum. This biologically effective light most closely mimics natural daylight.

Blue-enriched broad spectrum white light: 


This customised spectral composition was specifically designed to peak within the blue light wavelength known to stabilise and strengthen circadian rhythms in the horse. 

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Astronomical timing system:


 The Equilux system comes pre‐programmed with sunrise and sunset times for the entire world. Upon entering the GPS location, the system will simulate dawn and dusk at a pre‐set time interval prior to and post natural dawn and dusk, providing an extended day length that gradually increases and decreases in phase with the seasons.  A minimum winter day length of 10‐12 h is set to facilitate the workings of a busy yard, and a maximum summer day length of 15-17 h ensures that horses always receive sufficient night time rest. This unique ‘Astro’ system allows horses to experience a shorter 10‐week winter photoperiod and a longer 42‐ week summer photoperiod. In short, spring is brought forward and autumn delayed, extending the period of peak physical performance and training capacity.


 Red light at night: 


The Equilux red light is invisible to the horse’s circadian system. It does not disrupt internal rhythms. Research trials show that levels of the circadian regulating hormone melatonin rise at night under the Equilux red light similar to  darkness. The red light facilitates night time monitoring and feeding of horses while avoiding the negative consequences of white light at night .

Equilux transitions gradually from bright daylight, through dusk into dim red night light.

Equilux transitions gradually from bright daylight, through dusk into dim red night light.

Natural dawn and dusk: 


The Equilux system has a dim up and dim down feature at dawn and dusk that allows the horse experience a gradual rising and falling of light intensity, similar to the natural environment. This feature eliminates the stress response induced by abrupt changes between light and dark in stabled horses. Simulated dawn and dusk: Equilux transitions gradually from bright daylight, through dusk into dim red night light.